Lessons & Swim Team


Our staff of Red Cross-certified lifeguards and water safety instructors offer morning swimming lessons and also coach our championship swim team. The swimming season begins the week after July 4 and runs for five weeks.

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Youth Swim Team
The Cranberry Cove swim team is a summer swimming league that involves children ages 5 to 17. Practicing 5 days a week for an hour at Cranberry Cove allows all of our swimmers the strength and stamina to compete in bi-monthly meets with area towns. These swim meets are either held at Camp Kiwanee or at the home swimming area of the opposing team.

Youth Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons meet daily (Monday through Friday) for 30 minutes. Lesson times are to be determined.

Swimming Skill Levels
Preschool: Parent & Child
– Designed to allow a child access to water along with their parent. Simple skills will be taught, but the class will be a balance of learning games and becoming accustomed to the water. This class must have a minimum of 5 children and their parents participating for it to run.

Level 1 – Water exploration: For the non-swimmer who wishes to develop swimming readiness. Skills taught: balance, breath control, supported floating, alternating arm action, proper body positioning, underwater comfort, kicking back and front.

Level 2 – Primary Skills: For the beginner who is comfortable in the water and ready to swim. Skills taught: breath control, floating front/back, combined stroke on front, supported stroke on back, proper body positioning, supported gliding, retrieving submerged objects.

Level 3 – Stroke readiness: For those who have completed Level 2 (or equivalent), and are swimming on their own. Skills taught: side breathing, changing directions, refine front and back crawl, intro to butterfly, breaststroke, treading water, sitting and kneeling dives.

Level 4 – Stroke development: For those who have completed Level 3 (or equivalent) and is ready to develop strokes and stamina. Skills taught: alternate breathing, open turns, scissor kick, treading water, butterfly, refined breaststroke, standing dive.

Level 5 – Stroke refinement: For those who can demonstrate the four main strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and can swim 25 yards continuously. Skills taught: endurance, starts & finishes, sidestroke, competitive stroke refinement, front flip turns, advanced diving.

Level 6 – Skill proficiency: For those who completed Level 5 (or equivalent) and would like to continue to strengthen their skills for fitness or competitive swimming.

Level 7 – Advanced Skills: For those swimmers who have completed everything we offer and would like to design their own class focusing on skills they would like to work on. This class can include aspects of a Jr. Lifeguard program beginning to teach water safety and rescue maneuvers.


Our experienced staff will help determine which level best matches your child’s skills.